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December 08, 2008


Well done Chris! Another notch on the way to the final battle.

It is really a pleasure for me to hear that "we" are on the good track. I can't wait to see the name Gone Fishing written on the Oscar Nominees Ballot. Again: Well Done Chris!!!! Congratulations!!!!

Congrats Chris, its great to be recognised all over the world for the hard work and love that went into 'Gone Fishing', plus you are having better weather than LA right now!

Congratulations on another success to you and all the team that have worked so hard on Gone Fishing. Fingers, toes, arms, legs, eyes all crossed for the Oscars!!

Another one in the bag! There's NO WAY this movie is not gonna be at the Oscars!! :o)

Congratulations Chris!
No one deserves it more. We all owe you a great deal in the filmmaking community.


PS. When can I see it!! :-)

Hi , well done. That sure is a hell of along way from a rainy Sunday morning in the Shaftsbury Rd cinema after being turned down by Edinburgh and other Brit festivals. Keep it going.

Best< Mark

Hey Chris, Great stuff mate - congratulations from the far end of the world! Good luck with the rest of the campaign and with your upcoming film projects! Cheers, Al

Congratulations, Chris! Another well deserved victory! :)

Mate, that's fantastic, we're all behind you one hundred percent! You just continue to take us on a brilliant journey with your forays into the filmic world, it's a privelege to watch mate, as ever, your captivated audience awaits the next instalment of the 'Jones Chronicles'.

Simon VDS - one of the Fifty Quid Crew

Hi Cris,

I've been watching your progress with delight. Congratulations! It's great to see you achieving your goals for this film. I will expect nothing less than success at the Oscars! A great encouragement to all us filmmakers out here who really want to do something different!

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My blog has moved home... this archive and a TON of new and cool stiff is on my new blog at


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