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December 22, 2009


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Hey Chris,

Not to be a Bad Santa but sounds like my Xbox does pretty much everything Apple TV does. Sky TV on demand, Zune (full HD) videos , free music from Last FM, Facebook, Twitter, photos and of course great gaming. Syncs easily with PC's, plus it's always evolving. And it's way cheaper to buy.


Hi Chris -

Can you give us a hint as to how you manage to download stuff from the US Apple store...?

I asked for it early as I wanted it up and running before Christmas so that if there was a problem, I can get it sorted before everyone disappeared.

Well done Battle of the sexes? No chance.

I try every year to get mine early too. Often I don't know what she's got and a good test is mentioning I'm about to buy Chris Jones books DVD's etc and see if she rolls over.

But seemingly you have not only played with it but more or less tested it to destruction.

Hats off sir. I am in awe!

Actually the PS3 wins. Blu-Ray, yes. HD movies on demand, yes. Movie trailers, yes. Bluetooth, yes. Internet in HD, yes. BBC iPlayer, yes. World class games, yes. And it turns off.

Don and Eddie are both right, thanks for the feedback.

Where both PS2 and Xbox fall down though, is that my mum could use neither. And that is the acid test for a mass market. What we need is a simple box that will deliver movies, TV, music and occasional internet. I heard the BBC and other broadcasters have a new box cooking, a hybrid between HD internet streaming and Freeview HD. It has Sky rather mad!


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My blog has moved home... this archive and a TON of new and cool stiff is on my new blog at


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