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December 13, 2009


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Have you ever considered purchasing a Drobo? They're great for local backups, and are incredibly simple to set up and use. Great for indie film-makers who want RAID-like protection, but don't have a degree in computer science.

Also, have you ever considered Carbonite for online backups? Obviously you can't back up all your media there - but you can at least backup all your emails, documents and Avid/FCP project files.

Back a few years ago when we were shooting everything on HDV, we actually backed up all our FCP projects to DV tape as well. Very good archiving solution!



Now days, we just have a couple of SATA drives for each individual project, plus a copy on a Lacie Rugged, plus a backup on the Drobo, as well as a daily copy of the project file stored up in "the cloud" (iDisk in our case).

LTO is really the way to go - but it's a tad expensive and time consuming if you're a real low-budget film-maker.

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My blog has moved home... this archive and a TON of new and cool stiff is on my new blog at


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